Since my newborn sleeps all day and night - I'll just blog :)

The game every mom of more than one child knows all too well:

Hide the baby

My kids know their little brother exists and that he is hiding somewhere.  They spend half their mornings trying to find him. 

But when all the poor child does is sleep all day and night, he needs some barrier between his siblings and his glorious beauty rest.

It's not easy being this handsome...

Roman is still adjusting to life outside the womb.  He is doing pretty well considering what he has to deal with!!

You can't pick 'em buddy.  You are STUCK!!

That's right - they are exhausting.  Catch some more shut-eye.

While Roman sleeps, Mommy eats, and Daddy works, Leo and Elena have been busying themselves with all the new toys their grandparents, aunts, and uncles spoiled them with!  These are their sticker/coloring books from Aunt Julie & Uncle Nathan!

Leo wore those stickers under his sweater at Church on Sunday ;)

They also spend a decent bit of time cooking with all their new foods and desserts!!

Leo absolutely loves having a little brother.  The boys are already being "boys" together and sharing lots of brotherly moments

...Roman smelled something and blamed Leo

Leo feigned ignorance and blamed it back on Roman...

Roman tried hard to think of some potty-humor name to call Leo but in the end, gave in...

Yup - It was definitely Roman!!!

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