7 Quick Takes (#22)

1) I cannot believe how generous everyone has been with Roman!!!  Initially, when we pulled out our selection of 0-3 month boy clothes, I just looked at Jason and shrugged my shoulders.  It looked like we were going to be doing laundry daily - 6 sleepers and 8 onesies just wasn't going to cut it (long story but the baby shower thing was sort of late and super small so we only had what I purchased).  I have NO idea how we managed when Leo was a baby...

Leo - 5 weeks old
Oh wait - yes I do.  He was born in June and required little clothing :)

So we started by doing laundry every day when he peed through every outfit at each diaper change.  But as the week has progressed, I can't believe how many outfits we have received!!!  In addition to a bunch of brand-new sleepers for this little man, my friend Stacy packed a bag of sleepers from her sons so we don't have to do laundry as often.  I am so relieved!

Roman's 3rd of 4 outfit changes in a 4 hour period at Elena's birthday party!!

One well-stocked fridge!!!
2) Speaking of generosity - THE FOOD!!!   Oh the glorious FOOD!!!  I only had 2 meals brought to me when I had Leo.  But he was my first and I really didn't need much!  We could still eat out for cheap or just snack whenever we needed and my mom was nearby and could help.  But with Leo and Elena to feed this time around, I cannot even express how important the meals are - especially if the mom is breastfeeding!!!  The first week of breastfeeding was especially hard because you are beyond starving and you need filling snacks very often if you want to keep up with the nursing schedule.If you are in doubt as to what to do for parents of a newborn, a new outfit (especially when you know the child will only get hand-me-downs) or some sort of food substance are sooooo nice.  My mom's group decided to start a calendar on www.takethemameal.com for each of the new moms (3 other moms are pregnant and due soon!) and I can't wait to spoil them when their turn rolls around.


3) We somehow managed to pull off a very happy 2nd birthday for our little girl one week after giving birth!!

Click for 20 seconds of ridiculously cute sibling love!!

Elena spent the majority of her party in the arms of her favorite person in the world - Cousin Gavin!

Her aunts, uncles and grandparents truly spoiled her this year!!  Thank you all for the awesome gifts!!!

We picked out a Rapunzel doll for her.  Now I get to watch her sing the "Flowers gleam and glow" song while she plays with Rapunzels hair.  It is beyond adorable!!


4) Is it just me?????

Roman (L) and Leo (R)

Roman (L) and Leo (R)



And just for comparison:

Elena :)

The boys look SOOO similar!!  But they definitely have different looks.  I feel like in 20 years I'll look back and not be able to tell the difference between the two though!  Right now I can.  But they are close enough in physical traits that I am glad all of our photos are organized by date ;)  


5) Leo and Elena had a rough couple of days right after Roman was born due to lack of schedule/nap/mom/proper food, etc.  But now they are back to their normal happy selves again.  And they are constantly playing with all of Roman's awesome "apparati"


6) We occasionally pry the children from his toys long enough to give him a chance to use them


7) Jason's hunting buddy next door brought over an AWESOME new outfit for Roman (after his wife spoiled me with clothes for Roman and a new movie for me!).  They are quite generous.  I was so excited that Leo's favorite outfit (and often crusty outfit because he wears it every. single. day.) was clean and ready to wear so Roman could sport his matching outfit.  Begin awesome photo shoot!!!

(Leo was into guns at a young age also)

Lastly, I don't really want to brag or anything, but this little guy sleeps like a champ.  He only wakes up 2 times each night and we go right back to sleep since I am co-sleeping and can feed him while I get some shut-eye.  He's kind of a perfect baby.

  (If you don't see anymore posts about Roman next week, it's because I have to eat these words and I'm too prideful to do it...but in the meantime, I'll enjoy my restful sleep!!!)

Happy Weekend!!  And check out the 7 Quick Takes at Conversiondiary.com

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