Starting the Christmas Season off right!

This year was the first year we went to cut down our own tree.  It is such a romantic idea - the family gathered together with hot chocolates, choosing the perfect tree and claiming it as their own!  

I didn't realize a tree farm was within 2 miles of our house!!!  Bonus on the tractor ride to and from the tree fields!!!  (Sorry about the jacket Elena...I can't reach the boxes holding your winter coat with a belly located entirely in its own zip code...)

We skip the hot chocolates since a) they are too damn hot for the kids to drink and b) we couldn't hold them on the tractor without getting 3rd degree burns.  

But the experience was just like out of the holiday movies!!!!


We lost the kids in the field a bunch of times.  Leo kept popping out from behind trees screaming boo.  Elena kept tripping on tree stumps and following random other families through the field.  Everyone kept mistaking her for a little boy...

I died of a heart attack 20 times watching Leo try to "help" Dad cut down the tree.

But the kids were full of good cheer and generally being adorable.

Even so - I don't trust them with a saw...

The entire experience was just like out of the movies!!!!  I can't wait to do it again next year :)

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