The many faces of Uncle Paul

I have an older brother names Paul.  This is Paul:

For the sake of this post, you need to see his face a little clearer though.

Okay - so, in running down the list of characteristics, Paul is none of the following: Fat, Bald, Black or a Woman.

Now that we have cleared that up, allow me to show you what Elena does all week long.  Everywhere we go, she points to random people and excitedly screams, "UNCLE PAUL!!!"  It happens on a daily basis.  She frequently sings songs entitled "Uncle Paul" and identifies the many faces of Uncle Paul.

In addition to the random strangers, here are the TV personalities who, she believes, are her Uncle Paul.

Stephen Hayes from Fox News.  Okay - I'll bite on that one.  At least, I can kind of understand where she is coming from a little.
Vinny from the Biggest Loser...but not skinny Vinny.  This Vinny:

Lance Reddick...uh............

KT McFarland.

But the person she INSISTS is Uncle Paul, is this guy:

And I think it is hysterical every time :)

Perhaps this means he has officially sealed The One Spot.

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