Earning "The One Spot"

The baby is in my tummy.  I already knew that.  But now that Leo is hyper-aware of the baby, I hear it all the time.

Yesterday, we were snuggling after naptime and discussing the baby that is swimmin' in my belly.  I told Leo that the baby loved him very much...but we'll just have to see about that after they actually meet!

In our family, we have something called "The One Spot".  It is reserved for the favorite sibling, aunt or uncle.  The uncle who has either given a superb gift or spent a lot of time recently with the nieces and nephews is in "The One Spot".  They can be overthrown, but the position is not officially owned until one declares themself to be in "The One Spot".

I think Leo already understands the concept.  Yesterday he decided that he would share all of the toys with the baby.  He then pulled up my shirt and put his measuring stick, screwdriver, dragon and bear on my belly.  I quickly displayed the baby's excitement by jiggling my belly fat all around.  He got the idea...and I stepped away from the jelly beans.  (And sorry...but there are no pictures of that scene...)

I told him he could also talk to the baby.  So he talked a little to the baby and then just smiled like he even thought that was totally stupid and weird.  So to make him feel a little less self concious, I told him that the baby was talking to him!  I put his ear right to my belly and told him to listen.  If he listened closely, he could hear the baby saying "Grumble, Grumble."  Now I need to watch out that he doesn't try to listen to the baby in public...

And last, but not least, in order to solidify his position in "The One Spot", he declared that he is giving the baby a pacifier and shoved the pacifier into my belly button.



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