Creating a Peaceful Reading Corner

Jason and I have a modestly-sized home.  We love it.  It is large enough to hold everything we could ever want right now and it is small enough that we don't have any unused space.  We definitely have dreams of a house with laundry on the main level, a master bathroom, a mud room, etc.  But those dreams are violently squashed with each student loan payment.

We are all about making our house work for us.  We use the space to the best of our ability so we feel happy and peaceful in our own home.  Last year, we created a "Den" space.  Slipcovers for the jelly and coffee stained white chairs are still on my wishlist...9 months later...

Our main living room area used to house a huge armchair, loveseat and sofa set.  (The chair is all the way to the left at the front door.)

It was all very comfortable but entirely too bulky for our small house.  When Jason put in our new flooring last winter, we took away the huge sofa and just kept the chair and loveseat.  It was working very well for us...up until I hit gestational week 24 or so.  The kids insist on sitting on whatever surface that is within 2 cms of ME!  Which means close quarters for us all.  And in an attempt to keep this child in my womb safe for at least the couple months until his/her birthday, I need them to GET OFF OF ME!!!!!!

So this morning, Jason suggested that we create a peaceful "reading nook" for the kids on the floor using the cushions from the unused couch in the basement (the one that is strictly for jumping on of course).  

Isn't that nice?  That corner was just hogging an abundance of toys but now it has a wonderful purpose!!

Ahhhhh - a tranquil reading corner.

The kids love it already.  And so do I.  It is a nice quiet corner and an extra (removable) sitting area for the kids.  I can clean it up in a jif if we have company over.  But it is already working its magic on keeping the kids peaceful and quiet.

It's almost like we studied Feng Shui or something...

It's that simple folks.

Put cushions on the floor - call it a reading nook,

and watch your children share the space peacefully while sipping chamomile tea and diving into a classic. 


I guess I just missed my calling as an interior designer...

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  1. hi there i just stumbled across yiur blog while looking for reading atea for my boys and as im watching your photos i laugh because my boys my boys the same! :) plus this reading corner feels cozy and more like everyday life.


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