7 Quick Takes (#14)

1) Jason has been hunting every week since his bow came in.  He doesn't have much luck as the public park grounds are hopping with groomers, construction crews, lawn mowers and general rif-raf.  But he tries every week anyway.  Leo completely understands the concept of bow hunting deer (thanks to that Youtube video of how to field-dress a deer).  

Yesterday, my neighbor Emily posted this Facebook status (her husband Glen is Jason's hunting buddy)

On the mornings that Dad goes hunting, Leo proves himself a worthy hunting partner complete with camouflage.  Yesterday when I put the old claymation classic Rudolph on the TV for them, Leo started ranting and raving about how he was going to shoot that deer and make "hagaburger" with it.

Wishing him luck on the hunt

This kid even does his research before the big hunt

2) Whose bright idea was it to buy their husband a beer-brewing kit halfway through a pregnancy????

Not my smartest move to-date.  I am a beer lover.  I started working in a local brew pub restaurant when I was 17 and of course started loving the beer there at the ripe age of 21.  But anyway, I love a good beer as much as the next pot-bellied bar regular.  I only have 4 more months of waiting to enjoy a full beer.  But I did taste this Octoberfest brew and it is PHENOMENAL!!!!  Next up (fermenting in our closet) is a Hefeweizen...I'm not going to make it...

3) Leo and Elena got mail from Granny and Papa last week!  These cards accompany Leo to bed every night.  

Every night he asks for his "Goost"

And his Owl :)

4) After returning from Church last Sunday, the kids needed to get some energy out after sitting *cough* "still" for so long.  The day was so beautiful I grabbed the camera and caught some real gems:

Just blowing off some steam!!!

5) Number 5 is dedicated to Granny: Leo and I were chatting yesterday when he declared that he wanted to show Granny his soldiers.  He worked so hard all morning trying to find all three soldiers and when he finally found them, he was so excited he wanted to tell Granny all about it.  I promised him we would show the pictures to Granny so he showed the camera :)

6) I know I wrote yesterday about the unpeaceful and moonbounce-like "reading corner" we created for Jason's wild and unruly children.  But this morning, my beautiful offspring came skipping down the stairs and plopped down in their designated corner for coloring.  For the last 2 days, Elena has had a crayon or pen in her hand at all times.  She looooooooves to doodle.  And she doesn't need a clean piece of paper for each doodle.  She will doodle on any paper even if it is colored black and purple from yesterday's doodle.

But perhaps the most exciting discovery of the morning came when Leo showed me his smiley faces with legs!  Sure it looks a bit like a scene from a horror flick with floating heads and random arms and legs scattered around the page.  But I'm still so proud :)

7) I have been feeling stupid lazy right now and a little overwhelmed.  The idea of doing anything at all exhausts me to tears.  So I hide behind my newest knitting project and the uh...computer "research" I do all day.  To put it in perspective, Hulu.com asked me the other day, "Do you need a break?  You have been watching for 3 hours straight..."  Turns out I just need a little dose of reality and a clean kitchen (a thousand thank you's to my amazing husband...again).  I'm going to adopt Fly Lady's "clean kitchen sink" policy all week and see if that gets me out of my lazy slump.  I find it hard to do anything when my kitchen is a mess.  And I read this blogpost, Honestly, by Lindsay, a mother of 6 with a new one on the way, and I immediately felt rejuvenated.  Definitely a must read if you are feeling behind the ball on anything in life.

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