Buried Treasure

I spent yesterday morning at a Tot Swap in my area picking up a few things for the kids.  I got 5 pairs of shoes, 7 books, a Melissa and Doug toy, 2 shirts for Elena, a new comforter for Elena and this awesome pirate chest for under $50!!

I came home and tried my thrifty luck on the Interweb with no success.  Yesterday, there was a Gap Flash sale for 40% off your entire purchase until 8 or 9 pm.  I hunted and hunted but all the maternity clothes were either too ugly or too rich for my blood.  (I have a $4.00 max on shirts.)

After the disappointing total showed itself (including a $7.00 shipping fee), I canceled the order and called it a night.  But I'm always hunting.

This morning I saw this on A Thrifty Mom: http://athriftymom.com/2011/09/sterling-silver-hoop-earrings-3-00-was-89-99-great-christmas-gift/.  The deal is still good this morning so if you are looking for new earrings because you dropped yours down the garburator* too, hop on this deal!

I don't post many coupon deals but this one was too good to pass up.  $3.00 earring shipped!!

I love the Internet!!!  You just never know what good treasures are going to pop up next!!!!

*1.garburator49 up10 down
A canadian word that involves garbage disposal through your kitchen sink! When you turn it on, it makes a loud grating noise and... bye bye garbage! Some claim that this was once or may still be a trade name. The world may never know.
"I tossed all the peelings into the garburator, eh"
"Never stick your finger in the garburator!"
"Oh great, the damn spoon jammed up the garburator."

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