As proud as this mom will get

I was sitting in the living room, minding my business and planning our weeks meals, when one of the children quietly emerges from the basement.  He was whispering something unintelligible so I ignored him.  Both he and Elena have colds so I assumed he was wiping his snot all over the wall or something.

He jumped behind the TV and stood there for a minute whispering to himself.  It sounded dangerous...

Then he tiptoed to the top step of the basement, cupped his hand to his mouth and whispered loudly down the steps, "C'mon!  C'mon El!  This way!!"

Things were getting serious now.  The two were collaborating behind the TV and I knew I was about to get it.

The voices picked up and all of a sudden: THE AMBUSH!!!

This is quite possibly the proudest moment of my life.  I was just fortunate enough to be sitting in close enough proximity to my camera to capture it all :)

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