7 Quick takes (#10)

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1) I bought Jason a homebrew kit for his birthday.  Our first batch of Oktoberfest will be ready in 2-3 weeks!  $45.00 was the cost for 4 cases (48 bottles) of beer!  Not too shabby for the good stuff!  I of course will only have a sip...or 20...

2) A few weeks ago, I posted a story about how Leo wanted "nocunars" (binoculars) to see Oma flying with the angels in Heaven.  We haven't spoken about Oma for a long time except for including her in our daily prayers, so I assumed the concept of death was completely lost on the kid.  Then I grabbed binoculars for Jason the other day and Leo immediately asked for them.   

He then announced that he was going to go outside and look for Oma with her wings :)

3) I was chatting with my neighbor this week and he mentioned hunting.  I always felt bad that Jason moved from 1300 acres of land in Texas to this area in Maryland and he doesn't get to hunt anymore.  I felt even worse that the last time we had the chance to hunt, he let me pull the trigger instead of taking the shot.  (And this Yankee-girl DID it!!)

So I mentioned possibly buying Jason a bow and arrow set since it was more affordable than hunting with a gun.  My neighbor JUMPED at the chance to get a local hunting buddy, researched all night, and found Jason's new-to-him bow that evening!  

Within less than a week of the conversation with my neighbor, Jason is outfitted completely with a bow and his parents sent up all his hunting gear.  

I see a lot of deer meat in our future!!

4) Leo had a playdate last week with a boy exactly his age.  They are finally at an age where they actually play together instead of just stare at each other from opposite corners of the room :)

How cute are they?!?!

5) Oh they are so darn cute...

6) Here are a few links I read this week that are very interesting:

7) This movie is fantastic!!  First of all - I am SHOCKED that these high school students don't know who Hitler is...And second - it is extremely hard to enter into debate about a hot-topic issue like abortion.  But the biggest problem with relativism is that no one knows what the hell they stand for anymore!  This video is great :)

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