From the mouths of babes

The wake was a little weird for all of us.  Wake services are a necessary ritual and quite beautiful.  We had a chance to speak with mom's friends, our friends and relatives.  It was a great day and mom looked beautiful.  One of the funeral home directors told us that the smile on her face was extremely uncommon...but we weren't surprised by it in the least :)

Standing near their Oma didn't phase Leo or Elena at all.  Elena kept shushing everyone because her beloved Oma was sleeping.  She also sang our sleepy-time prayer songs to Oma :)

Leo was too busy playing with his friends.  I really didn't think he noticed a thing.

Fast-forward to the burial at the cemetery.  The same place we drove past almost every day on our way to Oma's.  The same place that when Oma drove past it in her car, she would point to it with a smirk and yell out proudly to all her kids and grandkids, "You know I own property over there?!"

We concluded the service at the cemetery and we lingered for just an extra minute.  Leo looked at the casket that was now closed and looked at me with concern on his face, "Momma, I can't see Oma?!"

I told him that we had to close the door to Oma's treasure box.  Then I told him that Oma was already flying in Heaven with Jesus and the angels.

After marinating on that news for a few seconds, he looked at me and said with a little confusion, "But not flying with hams (hands)."

I giggled and said, "No way buddy!  Oma has wings now just like the angels!"  He looked in the sky and looked back at me and said, "I tan't see Oma!!  I need go to store and get nocunars (binoculars) to see Oma with wings and the angels."

I can't seem to find magical binoculars that can see through to Heaven, but all Leo needs is a little imagination and this coil spring :)

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