On your mark!!

A few months ago, when Leo's vocabulary was still extremely limited, he would chase Dad out the door bright and early each morning crying and screaming.  We both assumed that his response was appropriate.  Shoot - If I were more awake and aware of what was happening, I would probably be chasing Jason screaming and crying as well.


After a few really rough morning and after many tears being shed, I finally discovered the root of the problem.  One afternoon, I set out in the car by myself.  Leo escorted me to the car, mumbled something in gibberish, and gave me a hug and a kiss.  He then shut my door and I backed out of our parking spot. 

Then he stood on the corner of the median and, in a language only a mother could understand, he yelled, "On your MARK!  Get SECK!  GOOOOOO!!!"

Voila!  No tears!

So now every morning, Jason follows the same routine.  (The blanket belongs to Elena - both kids were up bright and early to give Dad a big send-off...more on why later...)

On your MARK!

Get SECK!!


I have been wanting to capture this routine for months!  But let's be honest.  Most mornings I can't hold my coffee and my camera at the same time.  And my kid is usually in his jammies still (sans shorts).  And I'm usually in my jammies...uh... 

Anyway, I'm really proud of myself for getting his shorts on AND remembering to grab my camera!

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