I'd like mine with a side of crazy...

Exactly how pregnant am I??  Just pregnant enough to start crying when Battlestar Galactica defeated the Cylon base on the asteroid to score the tylium deposits they need to fuel their spaceships.

It was a real tear-jerker kind of a scene!!!!

In other news, Jason returns home today after a week-long mission trip in Rhode Island with his Youth Group.  I hate this part of his job.  Look what happened!  He leaves me for ONE WEEK and I'm already speaking Geek.  But the key is when you say "Battlestar Galactica" you have to use the same fat-cheek lisp as the high school kid in Shrek who says, "Gee, who rolled a plus nine 'dork' spell and summoned the beast and his quadrupeds."

So, it is correctly pronounced, "Battleshtar Galac *swallow* tica" (ample cheek spit needed).

The children survived the week just fine doing what they do best: Playing with "toys" that aren't really toys at all. 

Like jump-roping with the cord to the baby  monitor.

Leo really got into the jumping part...but only about 6 feet away from the actual rope ;)

Or playing doctor with the tire pressure gauge...

And of course threatening me with a belt to get them ice cream...

It was a veerryyy long week.

And I'm so glad it's over.

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