Deliciously Retro!!

You know you scored something super retro when the instruction manual looks like it was hand-written by a small child...

...The date on the pamphlet is 1984...

...And the models in the manual are sporting a variation of brown and beige, feathered bangs, short shorts - oh no wait. That's the male model... shorts, a huge mop of hair and super scrawny/hairy legs.

Allow me to introduct you to my "new-to-me" deliciously retro items:

My Champion Juicer born in 1984!!  (My mom gave me this for free.  She bought it when she had my little brother in 1985.)

And my American Harvest Snack Dehydrator!!  (I found this bad boy on Craigslist for $30!)

I am a big believer in patience when it comes to buying expensive items.  I don't have the money to go crazy and buy high-quality brand new items.  But I do have the patience to sit back and wait until they fall in my lap.  Actually, I talk so much about needing these items that everyone around me just throws them at me for free to shut me up ;)  Try it.  You may see results too!

The true tell-tale sign that a product is genuine retro is the color.  It's not white.  It's not beige.  It's "off-white".  And the juicer?  Pale and dingy yellow!!

Around the same time some moustache-wearing dude in short shorts was assembling the my dehydrator and juicer, I was doing this:

Or this:

And Jason?  He was rocking this:

Or rockin' too hard on this dangerous beast:

And these guys were jammin' out! 

But the real question is, do they work??


A high-performance electric grain mill for $53 total?  Score!!  (I won the grain mill attachment on eBay!!)

It ground this hard spring and soft winter whole wheat in minutes!!  My Grain Boy is officially in retirement!!

And all I had to do was slice the bananas and leave them alone.

The next morning I had these banana chips!! 

(I heard a rumor my father-in-law loves them and he'll be here in a matter of days!)

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