Granny and Papa save the day!!

No sun streaming through the windows.  A rainy and gloomy morning to match my mood.  I have been up since midnight with a squirmy toddler sleeping in between Jason and I all night.  He wakes up every 1-2 hours demanding milk.  Not a chance buddy.  You can have all the water you want but I'm too tired to go downstairs.  I'm also almost completely blind and without my contacts it would be too dangerous a journey.

This is the result of not wanting to eat his chicken for dinner.  He missed out on dessert and even after seeing Elena eat her icecream, he still wouldn't budge.  Not even to eat the tiniest sliver of chicken covered in ketchup.  I finally decided to offer him some butter bread around 8 pm to make sure he wasn't awake all night from hunger.  He wouldn't touch it!  I heard the sudden cranking and jerk of the wheels starting to spin in his head.

You won't give me dessert????  Just you wait and see what I can do! 
I'll break you soon enough Mom!!

And break me he did.  Around 4: 30 in the morning, I started to threaten him with all sorts of tortuous scenarios. 

You know: Like shipping him off to work bright and early in the morning

Or some sort of straight-jacket-type device

Or just plain-old shipping him off...

Don't judge me - I was very tired.  So, I resisted every urge to pop on the tube first thing in the morning and made him play with Elena for a while.

Eventually they both started fighting.  One or all of us started crying.  And then I remembered the stickers!! 

Granny sent stickers for Easter!

Thank you Granny and Papa!!! 

These stickers were exactly enough of a distraction to occupy their attention until naptime!!

And I have a feeling you should leave enough room in your suitcase for this little guy when you come to visit us soon!!

Not Leo - The Picture!!!  I promise he and I are cool now.  Unless tonight is a repeat performance. Then you can have him...

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