Happy Easter and a Winner!!


Congratulations Eric!!!  You are the lucky winner of a $25 Bath and Body Works giveaway!!!  I can't wait to see what you buy with your gift card. 

(Austria 2005 - Eric was in a performance with a friend and was forced to dress in a dirdl!  Please don't kill me for this Eric!!!!  If this photo disappears it is because Eric is Texan and has access to guns.)

Now is he married with 2 small children.  The resemblance is amazing, huh?

One benefit of knowing almost everyone on the giveaway list is that I know you all pretty well.  Although I'm sure Eric could technically purchase something with his gift card, I have a feeling he is going to gift it to his lovely wife Brooke over at Dietel Days.  Eric is one of Jasons' best friends and was partially responsible for our All things Gale Logo picture!  He was there on our first date with us and he and Brandon took the picture as Jason and I walked hand in hand down the trail.

And we call him Old Man Dietel because we have an arranged marriage between Leo and their daughter Maggie.  So we always tell Leo his name is Old Man Dietel.  I'm hoping it sticks.

So I'm just going to say Congratulations Brooke!!!

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