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The floor is DONE!!!

This is a weird panoramic photo of our long house.  You get the idea :)

Jason busted his butt and worked all day for 2 days straight.  From this:

To this:

Oh!  And my brand new mirror above the couch was an unexpected score at a local liquidation sale!  We happened upon the sale and browsed the store for fun.  The mirror was originally $300 on sale for $75!!  I love it.  It falls somewhere between chocolate and my children.  Chocolate < Mirror < My Children.  Math majors - did I do that right? 

I ordered chinese food for Jason - his favorite.  I don't even remember the last time we had chinese.  Maybe when I was pregnant???  With our house in shambles, we ate on the floor.  It reminded me of college...minus the 2 babies.  Okay, so it was just eating chinese food on the floor.

I never thought we would be able to afford to replace the old carpet.  It was in our 5-10 year plan.  We thought we might get around to it when we put the house on the market one day.  But when Jason recently learned how to lay the floor himself, we decided to go for it. 

Our new floor is good for:


This is a thing of the past:

That's right - that's my coffee on the floor. Why?  BECAUSE I CAN!!!!  OH the glorious freedom!!

The kids have landed on their butts a few times.  Getting used to the slippery floor is going to take a little while.  But Leo figured out very quickly that he can go super fast on the new floor!!


 What's that Elena?  You finished half of your food and the other half is on the floor?

Doesn't matter to ME!!!

We have a while before the before and after pictures will be ready.  We need to redesign our living and dining areas to fit our life a little better.  I foresee a trip to Ikea in the very near future!  If you live in my area and need to get rid of two small armchairs, please let me know!

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