Mom's Day Away!!!

The weather is starting to look a little more like spring.  The birds are chirping.  The trees are budding.  Puffy coats are being traded in for hoodies.  And somewhere in Maryland, two small children are screaming.  From now on, whenever my children decide to start crying at the same time, I'm going to open up my Gmail and take a look at the top line. 

That's right!!  That's a plane reservation FOR ONE!!!  Faith and Family is hosting a Mom's Day Away in Massachusetts.  I never in my wildest dreams imagined I would be able to get away and ignored it at first.  Then Colleen over at Martin Family Moments told me she was going.  Well that's a party I just CAN'T pass up!!!  You remember Colleen right?  The non-serial killer?  As soon as I told Jason about it, he made me buy the ticket.  It'll be a nice break that I will be able to think back on when he is gone on his week-long mission trip in July.  Though, this will be my first overnight away from my children and I may spend the majority of the time rocking in a corner in fetal position...NAH!  Who are we kidding!!!  It's gonna be awesome!!

If you are planning on attending the conference in Stoneham please let me know!  I'm flying in around lunch and will have a few hours to kill on Friday afternoon.  I'll probably be at a bar at a coffee shop near the water and I would love to meet up with you!!

Snag your ticket here!

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