Thank you for not being a serial killer

A couple weeks ago, a fellow blogger, Colleen at Martin Family Moments, emailed me and let me know she would be in my area for Thanksgiving and we should meet up!  I was super-pysched.  It's flattering knowing someone might want to meet you after only "meeting" you in the online world.  And after following her blog for a few months now, I knew that we would get along smashingly!

(Pic of Colleen and 3 of her kids stolen from her blog)

Or would we???  Then I started to worry that she might be a 65-year-old woman trying to come and steal my baby.  You know - the crazies with the fake dolls who try to pass them off in public until they can snatch a real one??? 

Okay - moving right along.  Colleen and her husband both attended Franciscan University, our alma mater, so we were certain we would get along well.  So, Colleen, her husband and 4 adorable kids came over for the morning.  They were 100% normal and super fun.  I'm a little sad they don't live closer to our area and we can't hang out more often.  Jason and her husband are both Theology majors AND work in exactly the same field.  Colleen and I both studied business/accounting and are now moms trying to save money and raise our families.  So we have a lot in common.

We are also thinking of doing a child swap.  That way, when our children are driving us batty, we can trade and see if the grass really is greener.  I'll take Maggie any day.  She's adowable.

Colleen - Thank you for not being a serial killer!!  And thank you for sharing your awesome family with us.  We are already looking forward to your next trip to the area!!

Except next time we will leave Maggie in charge and head out to happy hour for a bit :)

(Initially, they laughed a little at our "unconventional" toy bin full of PVC pipes, vacuum tubing, back massagers and shower nozzles, but we all know that those are the toys kids like the best!!  Throw a little duct tape in the mix??  Then it's a REAL party!!)

Colleen blogs over at Martin Family Moments.  She is witty, hilarious and honest.


  1. Wow, I'm so glad that you and the Martins had such a fun time. I've often had the same (serial killer) worries about meeting fellow bloggers just because I caution my kids all of the time that people online may not be who they say they are! LOL. Thank you for your kind words and prayers for my FIL, Lisa. I appreciate you.

  2. Just stopping by after reading about your meeting over at Colleen's. Sounds like a blast! It's fun to meet fellow like-minded bloggers IRL.

  3. That picture of Maggie is wonderful...shows how scary she can be ;)

    I think you guys should move up North, you're much too fun to only see once a year. Besides I want to swap Elena and Maggie until Maggie turns four. Four is my favorite. Almost three? Not so much.

  4. That is so cool! Although I do worry about crazies. Glad everything worked out !:)

  5. That is super cool that you got to meet your blog friend. What a neat post too! BTW, you are this week's Blog of the Week over on Blog Mommas. Congrats!

  6. Hi! Stopping by from Blog Mommas. I noticed that you like to cook. I have a cooking blog:
    Have a wonderful week!!!


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