My little hoover vacuum

Elena's favorite spot while I am cooking is the kitchen floor.  I am a sloppy cooker and I throw things around like a complete spaz.  Usually I misjudge timing and have to rush to get things chopped and in pans quickly.  You would think she was starved to death.  She was ecstatic to find a piece of raw daikon radish on my floor while I was preparing my soup.

If I am not cooking something, she will just go help herself to the pantry. 
More specifically, the red onion in my pantry...

This one red onion has been tortured, drooled on, gouged, pinched...

But that onion finally found the perfect hiding place to escape the torture. 

Shhh...she doesn't even know it's there!!


  1. That's funny. I once read that you should hide little tasty morsels in your plastic cabinet or pantry to keep investigative creepers and toddlers occupied while you're in the kitchen. Looks like Elena has mastered the art of finding her own treats! I'll bet that Hamburger Helper would taste better with a little red onion. Thank Elena for the suggestion for me!

  2. So cute! They are in to everything aren't they?

  3. haha that is so funny and cute!!!! :) You'd think she wouldn't want to eat onion! YUCK!


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