Unconventional Christmas decorations??

Granny and Papa sent Leo and Elena this awesome Nativity set last year. 

The kids love playing with it.  I can hardly get Leo out of the house without it!!

This nativity set comes with a ton of small pieces and I make no guarantees that we will be able to pull all of them out of the box next year!!  I keep finding these little figurines everywhere!  But, for one very short and perfect moment, they were all in one place at one time!!

We were able to put up and decorate our Christmas tree this week.  Leo is fascinated by the fact that we get to put a tree up in our house!  Leo even helped screw the tree to the base...kinda...

And he helped decorate!!

We taught Leo how to decorate the tree and to be gentle with the ornaments!  So far, so good.  Not one ornament has broken. 

But I did catch some highly suspicious activity.

If you are missing anything from your home, please feel free to come check my tree...it's probably here.


  1. So you do have Little People!! That's the Nativity set - now you need to get all the other Little People toys, I swear my kids played with those more than anything, and they are safe for babies too!

    And I love Leo's decorative sense, he's very clever :)

  2. That's great! I love the shoe in the tree :o) I've been looking for that Little People set for years and have never found it!

  3. I love that Nativity set! My MIL got it on sale at Target for only $15! So now she has it at her house for when the grandchildren come over. It's so cute!

    And I love that Leo is helping decorate the tree, that is hilarious!


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