Merry Christmas everyone!

Recently, Pioneer Woman posted a blog all about cookies.  I always try to make some cookies around the holidays to share...okay fine...I just needed an excuse to eat cookies.

Once I told my little elf about the gameplan, he decided to amp up with some java. 
We had a long day ahead of us!!

Like I said - these Union Elves are really good at taking breaks... 

The Molasses Spice Cookies with Orange Sugar turned out amazing. So simple too!

Mamma's little elf was too busy "wrapping presents" to help out with the next batch of cookies

But not too busy to help eat them!! 

 These little beauties are Salted Caramel Thumbprint Cookies.
I burnt the caramel a tiny bit.  Once the sugar starts to darken, it goes from light brown to burnt in a matter of seconds!  The taste is a tiny bit off, but they are still fantastic!

The elf spent the rest of the day working hard. 
And has earned every last present! 

My next post will probaby be about unwrapping presents.

So until then...


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