Great Christmas Gift Idea

I was blissfully perusing the other day and came across a million things I wanted.  I could get lost for days on that site.  But then, I happened upon this awesome gift idea!  I bought one of these for my Granny in Halifax, Nova Scotia.  Hopefully most of your Christmas shopping is done, but if you have anyone left on your list, check this out.

Aside from this being an awesome and creative idea, the shop owner Sandy is awesome!  They are only $5.00 plus a little for shipping.  I haven't tasted them, but hey, you just can't go wrong with Gingerbread, right??

1 comment:

  1. Yes! These are super cute. I'm going to bounce over and check them out now.

    Hope you are doing well and your family is enjoying all the things that go along with Christmas!


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