Taming the wild yeast

Earlier in the month, I tried my hand at this French Bread Recipe.  Needless to say, I failed miserably as demonstrated in the photo below.  My bread did not rise.  I set it to "warm" in the oven and accidentally cooked it!!  (Excuse the terrible cell phone photo!)

I tried one more time yesterday and VOILA!!  French Bread!  Soooooo much better than store-bought!  I had to buy a loaf of french bread at the store the other day and it cost me $2.99.  I only spent $6.00 on a 25 lb bag of flour and can make 8 loaves out of it!

I had a lot of fun with that 25 lb bag of flour.  It only took us one month to finish it!!  But, I didn't just make loaves of bread. 

Banana Bread (with chocolate chips)

Here's to another 25 lb bag of flour!!!  Costco here I come!

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