Homemade costumes

I'm very proud of the kids costumes this year.  I Leo's Strong Man costume was a mix-mash of items gleaned from my house and my sister's house. 

My nephew is a wrestler so we used his singlet.  We put Leo in a waffle shirt and stuffed it with Elena's flannel blankets for the muscles.  He is wearing a belt from the bagpiper uniform (from my niece) and the large silver belt buckle is also from the bagpiper uniform!  He wore a pair of light khaki pants under the singlet (it's freezing here at night!!) and that's all for the clothes.

The dumbell was super easy to make.  We used the other half of the tubing from his Weedwacker and we just painted it black.

I took two cereal boxes and cut them up into circles.

I used the strip of cardboard on the sides of the box to close in the middle of the box so it didn't fall apart.

 The we painted the circles and the tube and taped them together to get a lightweight dumbbell!!

Elena's costume was so fun to make.  I went to Michaels and picked up a $2.50 medium adult size red shirt.  I grabbed some black and red felt squares at $0.25 each.  And a bag of black pipe cleaners for $1.00.  I also grabbed some fabric glue $5.00 and will be using that stuff every year from now on!!

I brought the supplies to my mom and she sewed an awesome body suit out of the T-shirt. 

She also sewed a felt hood on the top of the shirt.  I cut out some black felt circles and used the fabric clue to glue them onto the suit.  I stuck 2 pipe cleaners through the top of the hat and attached them together using another pipe cleaner under the hood. 

Initially, the wings were very basic made out of pipe cleaner, but it needed more cowbell.  So I made a few more layers of wings and called it a day!

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  1. you are awesome! That's some amazing skills right there. I love homemade halloween costumes but mine are rarely so creative or...for that matter...good.


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