While I'm in the kitchen

We had a dinner party on Saturday night.  I was busy in the kitchen making a huge variety of food.  The kids were keeping themselves occupied in the fort Dad built for them. 

It is a shame we had to take it down for the party.  Our house just isn't big enough for it AND guests over as well.  The fort I built for Leo last week was puny compared to this beast!!

And very poorly engineered.

(This is my 200th post!!  When I first cracked open this blog, I was sure I would have no material left by October.  Turns out, my kids are as entertaining as I thought they were!  They alone provide all the entertaining content - which I'm sure keeps Granny and Papa happy in Texas - and I hijack it often with my couponing/cooking posts.  Thank you to those of you who read my blog.  It means a lot to this bored homemaker!  While Leo and Elena are as entertaining as the day is long, our conversations only ever have to do with horsies saying moo, the wheels on the bus, or farts.)

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