YOU SAVED $29.00

At Target!!!  It was so much fun.  I used the coupons and manufacturer coupons to get some awesome stuff!

Most notable were the following:

2 pillows for $0.90 each (one of the coupons rang up at the bottom of the receipt).  The pillows were already marked down to $2.54.  I used a "20% off Pillows" Target coupon, coupled with 2 $1.00 off any pillow from   

I also scored a Dora DVD for $2.00!  There was a $3.00 off this Dora the Pirate DVD on 

I spent a grand total of $21.44 - which brings my cost per item to $0.89!  The only thing I paid full price for was $1.54 for one pack of flour!!

I may not have done as well as this guy, but, believe me, I'm happier withOUT 6 Wonka bars and 8 packs of Stride gum (he is still my hero though).

I coupon so that Jason and I can enjoy the finer things in life guilt-free.  So, what did we do with our "winnings?"  After observing my blood-shot/glazed over eyes (couponing is exHAUSting!!) my husband wisely offered to take me out to dinner.  I may have spent the entire meal like this:

(Elena even got her hands on my beer just as Jason snapped this photo and the entire glass ended up in both our laps!!)

But it was a fantastic evening!!


  1. Hehe Lisa, you're quite the saver. I love it. And so sorry the beer spilled all over you guys. Its fun being a mom (= Thanks for stopping by my blog. And do try Volt, its delicious.

  2. I know, going out to eat is not as much fun as it used to be!! LOVE the pic!! At least I know we aren't the only ones! Great savings at Target! Glad to find your site! Would love for you to check mine out :)


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