Will someone please come quick with a tattoo gun or something??

I am officially turning into my mother!  I made fun of my mom for years and years for saving Ziplocs.  Usually snarky comments like "that's disgusting" or, "What do they cost...like a nickel or something??" flew out of my mouth left and right.  Now...

I need to do something rebellious quick!  Like get a tattoo or open the windows when the AC is on.  Since a real tattoo is out, maybe I'll just borrow one of Leo's stick-ons to bring me back to a time when I could walk past a shiny penny on the ground without giving it a second glance.

1 comment:

  1. ROFL!!!
    I had this moment when I was 25 and ended up with a Thumper tattoo on my ankle.. now that's real rebellious isn't it.. LOL!

    Wow, that's a good blog post.. hmm..
    Off to write that one ;-)

    Have a great one.. and it's great your saving money by washing out bags.. I do it too!


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