Spa day at the Gales

Oh, how lucky can a girl get. 

A tatted-up toddler doling out free pedicures with a rubber spoon.

Or he is trying to saw my toe off.  I'm not entirely sure.

All I remember was the torturous tickling.

More importantly though, these rubber spoons are multi-functional.  In addition to being used for grooming, they are also devices for death.

Remember this guy?  Apparently, Captain Destructo decided his offense was punishable by "death by spooning."

AHHH - Sweet victorious rubber spoons!!

(Please note - All fun was had between a few pillows, a paper bag from Olive Garden and two rubber spoons.  So why do we even try to acquire toys for our children???  They always end up playing with the tag anyway!)


  1. so totally cute! love your pedi!

  2. Your house house always looks like it's the place to be...full of fun. Am I having enough fun? I wonder...I think I may need a little more.


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