Sibling revelry

An early wake-up call by Elena is always welcome in my book - so long as she brings this face:

Elena and I had an early coffee date with Beth at Starbucks and we had to get ready and sneak out the door before Leo woke up to watch us abandon him.  She FINALLY got to dress up in these awesome fancy pants.

While my friend Beth is a fan of all-things-chubby-and-cute and would not have been bothered even if Elena was a tyrant all morning, I am still grateful that Elena is like a "Kid Sister" - wherever I go, she goes.  She just sits there and patiently waits for someone to pay attention to her.  If she is tired or hungry, she'll let me know by trying to eat my face.  Anyway, this is just my shout-out to God that I recognize that you threw me the worlds most perfect baby and I thank you.  She is truly amazing.

After an aweseome coffee date, great conversation, and truly delicious java - the icing on the cake was making it out with some coupon inserts courtesy of the local Gazette!!

As we had left the house before Leo woke up, I was so excited to get back home to see my little man.  Apparently, he was excited to see us too!

He just loves her.  And the beauty is that the feeling is mutual.  (If she tries to eat you, that means she REALLY loves you!!)

I may never be rich enough to pay for their college tuition, but at least I have given them someone to complain about me with!


  1. this just made me even more excited for numero dos... didn't know that was possible! absolutely LOVE Elena's face in the last two pics with Leo!!

  2. I LOVE this :) Please bring the babies anytime. I can't get enough.


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