My winnings for the day!

Seriously - I feel like I'm gambling.  When the cashier is kind enough to put the receipt in a bag for me because I'm chasing Leo through the store, I hit a state of panic!  Where is the receipt?!?!  How much did I win?!  Well, it's not really a winnings, but it feels that way.

Here was our quick trip to Giant Food:
- Rice Krispies (3)
- Giant brand Honey Nut Oat's
- Dole - Crushed Pineapple (3)
- String Cheese
- Handi-Wipes

I received a letter in the mail from Giant with a coupon for a free box of cereal and a free bag of string cheese which I was excited to use. I only paid full price for the Handi-Wipes.

Do you know how long it took, me to find those blue wipe/cloths?  I have been to Giant Eagle, Rite Aid and Giant Food for them probably 6 times and I finally found them TODAY!  I'm not sure where - I was searching for Leo up and down the aisle and randomly found them.  (Just kidding - Please don't call CPS.)  I am so excited to try my hand at homemade granola and I have been itching to make rice krispie treats for-EVER!!!  I'm also going to make one of my new favorite desserts Pineapple Angel Food Cake

I spent a total of $7.90 and I saved $14.25!  64% Savings!!

Giant Eagle was a funny sort of a "Stockpiling" trip.  I'm working on stockpiling so I don't spend full price on stuff ever again.  I'm going to need a deep freezer STAT!

I got the following:
- 4 Pillsbury Grands Rolls
- 4 Pillsbury Crescent Rolls mini packs
- 4 Ball Park Franks
- 4 Kens Marinade (Only $0.50 each!!)
- 2 Emerald Trail Mix
- 2 Arnold Whole Wheat Bread
- 2 Nesquick Chocolate Milk (Your welcome Jason!!)

I spent a total of $23.34 and I saved $37.90!  62% Savings!!!

Tonight I'm making good use of the Crescent Rolls and making the Oh-So-Delicious Taco Ring for Dinner!

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