Just go for it!

I dropped by Walmart today to pick up some stuff for Jason's birthday. As I parked and got the kids into the cart, a young mom with a 1 year old stopped me. She asked if she could be nosy for a second. She wanted to know if having two kids was extremely exhausting because she and her husband were considering adding #2. How do you convey to a stranger in under a minute the level of fun you are having?!?! I told her that I have an extremely involved husband and that helps. I told her it was a ton of work but I wouldn't qualify it as “exhausting.” I told her we were excited about adding more children to our family. I told her I have to adjust everything I do to be more efficient.

And, I told her to go for it :) 


  1. Amen! Good for you! I always TRY to be loving and cheerful and happy about the blessing of children when others reach out to ask (I have 2 - but they are 12 months apart!!) I always think what if what I say is that "sign" the person is looking for!
    And, this post was so cute! How could you not want to be doing what you are doing when you look at those 2 little ones!?

  2. Stopping by from Mama's Little Nestwork. I've got 3 sons myself and wouldn't really know how to answer that question! I think no matter how many children you have 1 or 15 you're going to be exhausted. But your pictures definitely show why it's worth the exhaustion.


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