Are you scared yet?

(Good luck to the home invaders in our neighborhood.)

When evil lurks around every corner.

When danger screams to meet its match.

When vengeance hides in the shadows.


Let's review:
Sword: scary
Pacifier: not so scary
Pee-soaked jammies: now that might send the robbers running


  1. One pacifier in his mouth. One pacifier in his hand...always ready! So funny. You've got to keep all of your pictures and bloggings. Can you even do that? I mean do you print them or save them or what? I know nothing on this topic. I mean think about showing your kids this when they have kids. Wouldn't that be fun?

  2. I'm hoping this website will always "exist" somewhere for us to go back to!! I love scrapbooking but unfortunately can't do it with Leo around! He loves the scissors...So until I can pull out the old paper/printed photo format of memory keeping, this will have to do. Hopefully the Internet doesn't swallow up this page into oblivion!


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