Sunday Sunday Sunday!!

At least I feel like I'm at a Monster Truck Rally at church on Sunday mornings now.

My son used to be fairly mild-mannered at church.  He was so shy that being around that many people made him want to sit quietly.  He is now 2 years old and not nearly as shy.  I feel like the beat up car under a huge monster truck trying to reason with it why it shouldn't crush me.

Whether we are prying him off his sister, telling him that Jesus doesn't talk through mass so neither should he or pulling his fingers out of the kneeler (how did he even do that?!) it's like being in the middle of a tornado for an hour. 

The funnier thing is that I pay more attention now than I did in my single days.  Usually I was daydreaming through mass or distracted by people.  But now I know I'm only going to catch a little of it so pay attention wherever possible.  

Thank you to all those who glance back while my son is screaming "outsise?" and just giggle or give me the "I've been there" smile.  I know my kids are disruptive but it is nice to know that most people try to lend a kind face.

And to all the other moms of toddlers: WHERE ARE YOU?!?!?!?!  I seriously think I was one of 2 moms of toddlers in the entire church.  If we flood the church with children, no one will know that it is my child making the most noise!!

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