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With all the great veggies coming from our CSA and our very own garden, I have been exploring with different healthy foods.  I grew up eating brown rice.  By that I mean, we had brown rice all...the...time...  I just can't do it!  I know it is healthy but I can't make it a staple in our house because I overdid it as a kid.

I love/hate white rice.  It's so darn tasty but doesn't offer much by way of nutrition. 

I found this next to the couscous the other day and had to give it a try!

The most exciting thing about Bulgur Wheat are the ingredients: Cracked Bulgur Wheat, Roasted Soy Chips.  WHAT?!  Food in a BOX with only 2 ingredients listed?  I'll be so upset it I find out that they didn't list the other 60 ingredients because there were only trace amounts, but for right now, I'll trust the box.

I cooked it with some butter and chicken broth.  It was soo delicious.  My mom will laugh at me because it is basically chopped up brown rice, but in my head, it's something new and interesting.

Notice the two bowls with their respective cups: one for me and one for Leo.  I ended up eating both after chasing him around the house to try another bite.  He did try bite #1 but that was it for him.  I'm going to try again and again with him and hopefully one day he'll see Bulgur Wheat in the grocery store and shudder at the thought of eating...AGAIN!

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