4 months old...??

4 months ago, I gave birth to my little lady Elena. It was a rather uneventful labor followed by the fastest delivery EVER (considering Leo's was 2 hours!). She was/is perfect. She arrived looking just like her Granny Carla Gale and it cracked me up that both of my children so closely resemble their father.

Perspective is a funny thing. With my 1st, pregnancy was tough, exciting and all-consuming. Breastfeeding also was tough, exciting and all-consuming. With my 2nd, pregnancy was a side-note. It was in the way when I picked up my son. It kept me up at night when I knew I would be up with a teething baby all day as well. Sometimes she gave me little jabs to remind me she was there but overall, it went by soooo fast. Now, I can't believe she is 4 months. Thank God for breastfeeding or I wonder if I would even notice she is around! She quietly observes her brother all day long waiting for him to dance, sing, steal her pacifier or just come over and kiss her.

Plenty of wiser people have warned that it goes by so fast. With Leo, I just used to laugh at how slow time seemed to creep. We were always patiently waiting for the next milestone and relishing major accomplishments. People can advise, warn and chide all they want, but without the proper perspective, it goes in one ear and out the other. Now, with a little perspective, I appreciate how fast things are happening. 4 months with Leo was a lifetime. With Elena, it is just a small blip in time. Hopefully I have done an okay job capturing all the moments so that when life slows down I can just sit back and finger through all our photos.

Last night when I picked her up to change her, I realized that her little butt fit perfectly in my hand. She is 4 months and healthy, but still so tiny. Babies make the world go around - especially their cute little butts.

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