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Over the last few years, I have jumped even deeper in to natural and organic living.  My journey has extended from food items to everyday products and the majority of these products are relatively unknown and, in my opinion, underused! I wanted to take some time on my blog to share some of the best items I have discovered through my foodclub and introduce them to you.

We'll call this series Getting Back to Nature!

OraWellness Organic Brushing Blend

When I started my foodclub back in 2012, one of our members immediately asked "When can we place a bulk order for OraWellness??" I had never heard of this company, nor had I heard of brushing your teeth with oil, but after quite a bit of research, I was sold!

Quick story: A foodclub member once brought her sister, who was visiting from California, to help us sort and I force fed her home-brewed kombucha which she thought was the worst thing that had ever happened to her. Worse than that, when they left, she told her sister how disappointed she was that everyone looked so "normal". She didn't see one person in Birkenstock's and she didn't see anyone with dreads!!  We let her down...

See all the normal people?!

I have now been using this magical elixir for three years and it is about time I shared it with you all! The foodclub I left in Texas is still going strong with regular bulk orders but I'm going to have to start buying it on my own...unless I can find any locals in the Nashville area to go in on a bulk order with me - any takers?!

Organic Brushing Blend
OraWellness is an oil based brushing blend with essential oils created to kill all the bad bugs in your mouth while at the same time supporting full mouth and dental health. It also leaves you with a "dentist-clean feeling" in your mouth every.single.time. I cannot go without it for even a day or my mouth starts to feel gritty and dirty.

From their website:
What makes the HealThy Mouth Blend so great?

  • Made with Organic ingredients so you know you are getting the highest quality.
  • Quickly kills the bacteria that cause gum disease while it freshens your breath.
  • Supports the healing of damaged gum tissue.
  • Increases saliva production which is highly beneficial to stop gum disease
  • Does not contain any nasty fillers, artificial colors, flavors, or other toxins.


Organic and wildcrafted essentials oils of:
~ cinnamon
~ peppermint
~ spearmint
~ clove
~ myrrh
~ manuka
in a base of Organic almond oil
If you decide to jump in and try this stuff out, you really have to get one of their toothbrushes as well.

Bass Toothbrush-Adult Size Product Description

purple-Bass-brush-adult.jpgNotice the staggered spacing of the tufts. This unique spacing allows for greater cleaning potential along and under the gum line. Best if used with the Bass brushing technique. Brushes come in red, blue, purple and green. At this time we cannot offer a choice of color. This helps us keep our cost to you as low as possible.

As a family, all 6 of us use them (even though the brushing blend is too "spicy" for the kids).  The toothbrushes are specifically used in combination with the Bass Brushing Technique to significantly reduce bad bugs around your gumline and improve dental health.  I haven't used a conventional toothbrush in years and can't imagine going back now!!

For more information on the toothbrushes and the Bass Brushing Technique, watch this:

Will and his wife Susan, the owners of OraWellness, are super quick to respond to any and all questions! So if you have any, let me know and, if I can't answer them, I'll go straight to the source to get them answered for you!!

So there you have it, one of my favorite all natural, organic items that I tell anyone and everyone about when they give me the chance. I have a couple more staple items to share with you in the next few weeks so stay tuned...

Healthy toothpaste
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