Ode to Pregnancy

Ode to Pregnancy*

Food make haste to fill my belly
Before I realize you are too smelly
My dry-heaving causes tears to fill my eyes
I cannot see what I am eating.  It is always a surprise.

Advertisement convincing me smores are the solution
Husband on the go gathering pieces for our creation
Children ecstatic to try such a treat.
Mom runs to the bathroom.  Beat by the sweet.

Dreams of sauteeing fresh veggies from the CSA
Healthy meals all around to nourish mom and bebee.
Yet still the only food fit for my home
That doesn't force a call to Ralph on the big white phone
Is a bagel so white and so bland
with a big slab of butter.  Healthy be damned.

*Coffee table book will be available next Christmas.


  1. ROFL! Such talent! I laughed out loud the entire way through!

  2. Is there another little whipper snapper on the way? :oD

  3. Did I ever tell you about the pregnancy where I could *only* eat the #69 sandwich from Roy's Place. 'The Pocahantas" ,,,Lobster salad, ham, Swiss cheese, golden sauce, all broiled on choice of bread (which had to be crusty delicious French bread) ........$17.69. Every.Single.Day. Can't remember which kid was grown on delicious lobster, but I think it was the really good-looking, smart and talented one....wait.....

  4. The bagel thing is so funny because it's true. It's the only thing that would make me not puke! Now I can't even look at one!

  5. I love, love, love the poem - so happy to have found you via Clan Donaldson!

  6. Found you from Clan Donaldson! Congrats on your little one on the way - another kid with amazing eyes, I am sure! So beautiful!


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