Things that really happened this week:

Things that really happened this week:

1) We had a family brunch and farm day at a friends' farm where we watched our chicken get butchered.  We stood really far back so the kids could watch if they wanted.  We weren't close enough for Leo, so after they stopped twitching, we went up for a closer look.  Then we had to go find the heads so he could check them out.  I even scored some chicken feet to make super gelatinous and nutritious bone broth!!

One of our chickens and the all feet!!!

I bought these chickens from a friend (and a local farmer) 3 months ago when she started the chicks growing in her backyard.  The law states that if you are butchering them yourself, you have to be present and participating.  So participate we did!  And since you are probably really hungry right now, I'll show you the delicious coffee cake I made from my new favorite recipe book Deliciously Organic.  I love this book!  Simple recipes with normal ingredients that don't need to be tweaked at all!  And no pictures of chicken feet.

Although the photo of the leftover coffee cake doesn't look much better.....?  

2) Actual phone call:

Erin: Hey Lisa! Do you have Tiffany's number?
Me: Sure! What's up?
Erin: I have a placenta here ready for her to encapsulate!

3) I chatted with a friend about our homemade deodorant and how it gives me a wicked rash.  Yup.  homemade deodorant...

Instead of throwing in the towel and buying the conventional deodorant, I'm just going to tweak the recipe to see if it fixes the problem.  During this period of transition, I recommend you stand at least 5 feet upwind of me...

4) I tried to sell some homemade sunscreen online

I'm such a loving hippie that I ended up giving one to my brother for free and selling the other bottle at half-price...

5) I told a friend who regularly drinks powdered protein drinks to just make homemade yogurt with some grass-fed bovine gelatin for extra protein it instead.

6) Speaking of bovine gelatin, I took out a frozen bag of pineapple juice from the freezer to make these fruit snacks and completely forgot about it.  (I know, everyone is thinking, "GOOD!  That's because that is disgusting and God is trying to stop you from making them!")

Link to Recipe

Fear not, I have 3 more bags of pineapple juice in my freezer and fully intend to make these tasty treats sometime later this week.

Friends, the hippie train is taking off and, apparently, I'm driving it.

My poor unsuspecting children have no idea that drinking raw milk and witnessing the death and de-plucking of our dinner are not normal things.  

Although I try to use my hippie powers for good and not evil, I recently discovered that hippies are the spawn of Satan, so I am going to be vigilant in saying my prayers and shaving my armpits.

"Father please forgive me for being a hippie. I renounce all the new age and communist philosophy that I have learned in the hippie movement. I wish to renew my mind Lord and become a new creation in Christ Jesus. I will read my bible, go to church, take a bath and get a job! Please forgive me for being a liberal and help me to become a good conservative so I can contribute to society instead of taking from it. Thank you Lord, in Jesus name. Amen."(credit)

And although I'm doing a lot of things I never imagined I would do (rendering lard, foregoing tylenol for essential oils, taking my fermented cod liver oil regularly, and starting hippie foodclubs in my house), an intervention is not necessary yet.  If you find out that I'm not shaving my armpits anymore, call in the cavalry.

Proof we are normal


  1. #ifyouturnmynieceandnephewsintofreaksiwillcomeafteryou


  2. We had to take an axe to our first chicken not too long ago. A raccoon got to it and took off half of the poor bird's face.
    So Ken takes the chicken's head with an axe, we watch, horrified, as it runs around the chicken yard headless, then when it finally stops twitching, Ken and I look at its body and say, "Damn- that's a waste of a good-looking chicken".

    I like your story way better.

  3. Haha I love this - I'm slowly becoming more and more crunchy, although not quite to this point (zoning doesn't let us keep chickens! But that law is up for review soon!)... I love how you tend to find the opposite extremes when it comes to hippies - it's either Catholics (or fundamentalist Christians) or agnostic hippies! I have a lot of secular friends who have the exact same views on everything as I do, except for the whole God thing!


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