What's on Leo's Mind - And Roman's First Year

A couple of months ago, Leo started harassing me on the regular.  But not for the typical things a little boy might want his parents to get for him.  Nope.  

This little guy is hellbent on...

another baby!!

But not just any baby.  He has been begging, for months, for a baby girl.

His rationale is quite simple.  We have 2 boys and only 1 girl.  Clearly we need one more baby girl to even things out.  The unevenness bothers him enough for me to a) get him his official OCD club members card and b) get really nervous that if we have a boy, he might go postal.  (We first noticed his OCD when my mom used to put his fork on the "wrong" side of his plate and then sit back and giggle as he threw a conniption-fit.)

(Our friend Rachel and baby Gianna)

I have heard of kids begging for siblings.  I always thought it was for older kids.  Or girls only.  But Leo started completely on his own and without any prompting from us.  Believe me, I have not been talking about having another child at any point to anyone in the last year.  So we are gently setting Leo up for major disappointment.  


Me: "Leo, we can't control which kind of baby we get.  What if God gives us a girl?

Leo: "Noooo.  Only a girl.  A baby girl.  Then we're all done."


Leo: "Mom???  When is God going to give us another baby girl in your belly?"

Me: "Leo.  I told you there isn't a baby in my belly.  And if there were, I can't control if it is a boy or a girl"

Leo: "When you go to the doctor, just tell them to give you a girl this time!"


Leo: "I miss her."

Me: "Who?"

Leo: "The baby girl."


At the end of the day, whenever we are blessed with another addition to the family, it will all work out just fine.  If there is anything I have learned - having more children is hard for me and hard for Jason.  But for the kids, more babies makes their little worlds perfect. And watching them interact will always be one of my favorite activities.  

There is nothing this big brother won't do for his siblings

Thinking into the future of having even more children made me nostalgic for the absolutely insane first year of Roman's life!  His birth, a trip to Texas, getting a new job, selling our house, moving to Texas, renting a duplex with paper-thin walls, and then buying and settling into our new Texas home made for one wild and chaotic year.  But looking back on the photos, it looks like we did have some fun.  My memory is still bruised with the craziness of it all and it feels like each and every bad moment is super-glued to my brain.  So completing Roman's First Year video was a necessary band-aid on my mommy ego that seems to only remember the chaos, yelling, and tears.

So if you are a family-member (or are one of the few who actually watch videos on blogs!!) - ENJOY!!


  1. omg this is too funny (and a little nerve wrecking). Glad you guys want more kids...mine would be in for a major disappointment ;)

  2. Lisa my kids are the same way asking about another baby - they've always been like that. It scares me because I think God hears children's prayers louder than their terrified mother's.

  3. Maybe the Holy Spirit has let Leo in on something you aren't privy to yet. Loved the video, it seems like you had a wonderful and momentous year!

  4. Oh my goodness I had not seen this post when I wrote about our twins. We knew from the moment of the positive pregnancy test that Gid was at work on the kids prayers. As you know we have 11 and each one has always been thrilled about another one. I love it. We don't have even numbers but your OCD son might be ok with a pattern. It just fakes a while to see it. We are girl-girl-boy, girl-girl-boy, girl-girl-boy, girl-girl . . .


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