Double Link-up: Theme Thursday and Cabin Fever Creativity Link-up!

Two of my absolute favorite bloggers, Cari and Ana, are hosting link-ups.  

Yesterday was a little "froggy" around here so I didn't think an outdoor photo of leaves and trees was in order.  And I was in my jammies.  And lazy.  And hungry.  And I thought it was Thursday, photo submission day, all day even though it was called "Ash Wednesday"...*sigh*

So we had a mini-photo shoot inside and here is my official submission:

Leo was the set designer

It took so many takes for me to figure out how to manually force my camera into submission, but this exercise is helping me figure it all out.  I swear I changed iso's and everything this time!!  But the first 30 photos were blurry and terrible.  It is amazing how victorious you feel when you finally hit the sweet spot of light, space, focus and no little hands in the picture!!

Next week is Architecture!

Now run on over to Cari's to see real foliage and beauty.  I promise I won't take a picture of a plastic-covered couch for next week.


At first when I saw what she did, I thought, Nah, never gonna happen.  But then I realized I was already in the middle of a craft I started (and intended to gift) at Christmas!

Since Roman was born, he hasn't had any "lovies".  Elena had a white and purple blanket that she loved (which he is currently using...poor kid).  Leo had his pacifiers.  But Roman just has Momma.  I have always wanted to get him a taggie blanket but never got around to it.  So, I thought I would make him something that is 100% his own.  I completed it last night just in time for his first birthday tomorrow:

I found the pattern for this guy on!  I wanted to make something fun and silly and I found an entire collection of free monster patterns.  Crocheting is way easier and faster than knitting so I knew I would be able to finish this eventually!

He is a combination of Plarko the Monster and Alfo Monster.


The kids have been bothering me for WEEKS to finish it for Roman!  They really want me to complete his so I can start on one for them!

I did add something a little special to this little monster.  I cut up the velcro strap of jingle bells from their Christmas stockings and put two little bells in each of the hands!

And then for his feet, I used the huge plastic bubbles that Amazon puts in their boxes to make a crinkle sound.

First the plastic wrap and then stuff it!

So now it is interactive like the taggie blanket!  Now, go check out the link-up at Ana's to see all the other creative outlets people are using to beat the winter blues!!!



  1. The legos are hilarious, well done getting a shot without little fingers. Your kids are so lucky to have a creative mama! I'm afraid most of my hobbies are "me" centered. Boohoo for my kids.

  2. Leo has got an artistic eye! I love his set design. And I am seriously in love with the Lego take on the theme.
    Isn't it a feeling of triumph when a picture comes together? Light/focus/subject/frame all in perfect harmony? It's kind of what I feel like when we make it to Mass all bathed, dressed, and with shoes that match.

    Now are you kidding me on that stuffed monster? That thing is RAD. You people with your knitting/crocheting are seriously amazing.

  3. The stuffed monster is amazing! Roman will love it. Aaaaaand it looks like it could tag along to bible study. :))

  4. It's a love monster! I don't know why I wrote that, but i do love that monster. I am ordering 5, okay?

  5. Oh my goodness, this just might win first prize, you have got serious skill and that thing is absolutely awesome!!
    I wish I could crochet, one day...
    Thanks so much for linking-up, I am so glad you did!!

  6. Wow. There is complete awesomeness overload going on in this post. You are a wonder woman!

  7. You have some serious skills. You almost make me want to be a set designer and monster creator... almost.

  8. What an adorable lovey! You are so talented :)


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