Christmas 2012 - The Rundown


Christmas morning did not disappoint!!

Leo got the same gift two years in a row (bow and arrow set) and was still super pumped about it!!

Roman doesn't mess around - he walks around all day like he owns this place 

My Christmas present - This face:

Jason's homemade Christmas present:

So much awesomeness in one photo: 

Leo was so proud to give his Dad a gift he made all by himself!

Not Roman's present - but it was free on Freecycle and I don't care who loves it: 


I can't even explain how much I love this kid 

Jason's entry to the White Elephant Christmas Exchange

There can never be too many adorable babies at our family Christmas 

Hunting was successful this time (Stuff is going on outside the car.  Graphic things. This was the tamest picture.)
And while I'm happy to have a freezer full of meat, I want to put this under "lowlights" since I can't write down all the funny stuff that happened surrounding the deer processing since it is too graphic.  

Presents.  Presents.  Presents.

Family time

He completed the puzzle almost on his own.  This is his happiest face:

Jason and I drew two of my siblings for Secret Santas this year.  Both of our gifts were received well:
And the gift of the year comes from.....Jason Gale, my secret Santa - an assortment of Keurig coffee K-cups, individually wrapped, 'because every morning should be like Christmas!' It took me 10 tries this morning to get the one I wanted. Nicely done, Jason. Nicely done. ;)

And since I don't have a picture yet of my brother wearing the knit cap ensemble I made him, you have to settle for photos of US wearing it!


As the week wore on, we adapted...

Minutes after he consumed this coveted piece of brisket, he had an allergic reaction to it...
But it was soo good going down!!!

Fatigue settling in:

Christmas morning photo shoot

Realizing after we drove 7 hours away that our toiletries bag was still sitting, fully-packed, on our bed at home...I look like death without makeup...

But my absolute, hands-down, favorite Christmas 2012 memory was made Christmas day.  We ran outside for a few minutes while lunch was being prepared.  It was super windy and while I sipped whipped dirt and red wine, I told the kids to run around and flap their arms as fast as they could to see if they could fly:

But then they found a pair of antlers

And Elena and I got out our hand guns (pointer fingers) and tried to shoot the deer.

It required much patience...  
(can you see the antlers in the windshield???)

But we finally got him!!!!

I found out later that many members of the family caught onto our game and were watching through the windows!!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
May your lowlights always be overrun by your highlights!!!!


  1. cute photos...i love your gifts. i put way too much effort into my oldest kids early years gifts. I think they don't really care what they get until they are like 8 or older. I love how simple you made things. that a real wood stove ? just asking cause we have one and haven't figured out how to use it yet. plus how do you keep kids away from it?

  2. I love your wild children in these photos :) is that inappropriate to say on the internet? I dont mean it all creepy. just you know they're awesome :) and its so real life that I cant help myself. ps- i look a lot worse without make up - I would have actually gone and bought make up if I forgot mine.


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