Texan Observations

We have been here about a week.  I am slowly being indoctrinated into Texan culture.

It is similar to the time I spent a month in Mexico.  Here are some of my observations about the great State of Texas:

1) Rain is an event.  Prepare to talk about it.  A lot.

2) Our town takes donuts seriously.

The ratio is 1 per 2240 people.  In Frederick, MD, the ratio is 1 per 6615 people.  And yes, the amount of donut shops here was so alarming I spent the last half hour doing all that research and even did a visual...

BUT - Are we complaining?


3) Aside from taking donuts seriously, Texas also takes seriously the title of Fattest City in America.  In order to maintain a solid lead, this can be found in grocery stores across Texas.

And no Texans - this is not on the normal grocery list for most other states.  It isn't even found in most other states.  In fact, it is such a rarity, I had to make my own...

4) But WAIT!  There's MORE!!!

This is for the fat kid in everyone: Did you know that it is not uncommon to find a soft-serve ice cream machine in the waiting room of a restaurant in Texas?

I was stuffed to the brim when I found one, but the fat kid in me rejoiced and I made myself a cone.  Because I could.  Man I'm gonna love Texas...

5) Taking a quick trip to your local Texan Library?  Rest assured you will be safe!!

Look how safe we were!!

6) Don't tell them that they don't, because I don't want to open a can of worms here, but I think Texas believes that Dairy Queen belongs to them??  I watched a commercial with this jingle:

Don't believe me?

7) I am having so much fun reading the bumper stickers here.  I think Jason is seriously going to buy me this one:

8) The Texan pride!!!  If I had a penny for every Texas flag decor item we have seen on our house hunt, I'd be able to get a Starbucks coffee.  This is extremely common in Texas:



The most common item we found on our house hunt is the Texas Flag Shower Curtain:

And I am just classy enough to have each and every one of these items in my future home :)

But lastly - and most importantly - my sister-in-law baked us this homemade fresh berry pie as a Welcome to Texas present.  And she is amazing.


  1. The donut ratio is only for east texas.... south and central don't have the same ratio, just in case you were wondering!

  2. wow sounds like a blast... especially the soft server and the berry pie..

  3. Oh my goodness, you're making me want to move there!!!

  4. Sounds awesome!!! Glad you are enjoying it!!

  5. Interesting. I never knew Texas was famous for so many sweets.

  6. My husband grew up in San Antonio and whenever we visit, this East-coast girl feels like I've entered another country! So much pride in that state...it's a little contagious! :)

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  8. I lived in TX for a year and I loved it! The Texan pride in their state is huge and I think pretty cool too!

  9. Haha, I seriously love your sis-in-law's smile/expression! Great post. I laughed all the way through... and now, I strangely want a doughnut. ;)

  10. We have similar containers of lard in northern California (a.k.a. hippie granola country). You gotta love having large Mexican populations who cook with nothing else.

  11. Texans, man they're crazy down there. I say that bc I'm a native. Good times man, good times.

  12. You hit the nail on the head! I was surprised to see DQ in other states because after hearing the jingle and the Texas stop sign thing, I really did think we owned them.
    I just rendered my own tallow too! Not nearly as big of a batch as you, the farmer could only give me a 1/2 lb but it was a good first try. I wasn't as put off by the smell, I wonder why? Are you going to use that lard in the store? I've heard mixed things about quality.
    I just got my mother in law that sticker about Texas Women shoot their own snakes. The gun wasn't readily available though so she hacked it's head off with a shovel.
    Stick with Shipley's donuts, they're the best! In my humble estimation.

  13. Great observations about TEXAS. Funny thing is ...THey are completely accurate! LOVE IT! TEXAS IS VERY PROUD! You will definitly see things here that you will NOT see anywhere else in the world. GOD BLESS TEXAS!!! :) oh, BTW- Welcome to Texas y'all! 8)


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