Are you lonely yet???

NOPE!!  We haven't had a chance to be lonely!

Texas has been good to us so far.  Between visits from family...
Cousin Iris showing off her mad jumping skills
Crazy Uncle Nathan showing the girls how to properly play with a Barbie :)

The loaner air mattress and tub of toys from The "Doodles" (Dietels)

(Add to shopping list: One fully-functional air mattress)

...Visits with friends...

...Pool parties with friends...

...Perfect weather...

...Texas scenery...

Even my old friends came by:

And oh how I missed them!!!

We have been so busy getting together with friends, house hunting, and just settling into our current house that we haven't had a chance to get too homesick.  It'll happen.  I know it.  But for now, I'm going to enjoy Texas in all it's glory.

About that house hunting: I'm going to obsessively pin household decor that is way to expensive while I design our new home.  Reality will strike when we find a home and I'm too broke to decorate it.  But for now, I will imagine that none of this costs a thing and it will all fit perfectly in my dream home.

Please come find me on Pinterest if you have a home decor board!  I like stalking friends and stealing their ideas and color palettes.  But fret not.  It's all imaginary of course.  I'm too broke to do any of this for realz.  And my house will always look like this anyway...


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  2. oh I am soo into home decor too but we are too broke to actually decorate. Its been one year here and we never even painted anything yet.

    old friends? the nerf bullets or the spices?

    oh and my and god: I want that pool!!! is that yours? if so i am boarding a plane now to come swim. I love that looks so refreshing.

  3. Roman is like WALKING??? What the heck??

  4. your life looks like way too much fun....super jealous of all the family and friends


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