Nomadic lifestyle

1.Nomad58 up24 down
1. Offensive slang for a homeless person; often paired with 'dirty' (ex. "you dirty nomad").
2. One who does not have a place within society, a group of friends, sports team etc... and as such, is prone to stealing, begging and imposing themselves in inappropriate places.
"Look at all the dirty nomads in the shelter"
"Why should I give that dirty nomad money, he's just going to spend it all on drugs and alcohol"
"Taylor is such a nomad, no one wants him here at all"

We are all going crazy

...5 days living as nomads...

How can we be expected to keep this up????

I can do one of two things:

1) Keep my house in perfect condition until it sells by dragging my children out of the house all day in 100 degree heat.  Or,

2) Yell at them not to touch anything in the house just in case someone wants to do a walk-through of the house at any random hour of the day.

Neither of these are acceptable.  So, I'll add this one

3) Carry a spray bottle in one hand and a vacuum in the other.  And eat lots of stress-relieving junk food.

My sister generously opened the doors to her home (as did a couple of my friends!) and we have been camped out there for a couple days.

But it has been 5 days and I just want to go HOME!!!  

We have had a couple showings and just have to pray that someone overlooks the lack of a master bath and the odd "hallway" shape of our main floor.  We know that if they don't like the house, it's not because of us.  We made this place SHINE!!  We had one interested party, but no bids yet.

And in other important news - check out my ridiculously happy and pudgy baby :)


  1. We've been praying too! Last night Maggie said "God please help Leo's house sell by noon tomorrow, Amen."

  2. Your sister's house (well, yard and pool) looks awesome. I would live there happily! Roman looks like he is super proud of his rolls like any good baby should be. I hope you sell quick even though I selfishly don't want you to move :)

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