Just when I couldn't do anymore...

The reinforcement team arrived!!!!!!!
(L-R: Elena, Rosaria the exchange student, niece Kathleen, niece Monica, nephew Austin, Batman son, nephew Michael, niece Leah)

Can I just say ALLELUIA!!!!!

I was this close to canceling all moving plans and just telling Jason I'll meet him in Texas in a couple years when I finish packing and cleaning.  But then - in walks my sister and sister-in-law with just a few of their kids.  I probably would have starting crying tears of joy but was too tired to think about how happy I was :)

While the 6'4" nephew painted the ceiling and carried out heavy stuff, my sister-in-law cleaned bathrooms, my sister cleaned the oven/fridge, my niece and her exchange student cleaned walls and my other niece cleaned and staged the kids rooms completely.  All this happened while I took care of the baby and the other 2 entertained my kids!

A few things have happened this week that have made me question why I would EVER want to leave my home.

Two days ago, Ms. Donna (the grandma of the neighborhood) came over and started cleaning my house

The other night, my neighbor rolled over with a beer and a few of us hung out.

I hung out with one of my best and closest friends

My sister-in-law and my adorable twin niece and nephew were able to come to Leo's birthday party at the splash park and Chick-Fil-A

Going to miss them like crazy!!!!

Speaking of family - they are all here!!

Tack all of that on top of the phenomenal 80 degree weather we have been having and I'm feeling a little mover's remorse.  


We do have some family and friends in Tyler, TX to look forward to seeing more frequently though.

It's a good thing we aren't in control.  God opened the doors and we are just stepping through them.

But that doesn't make it less sad to leave home!

And now, thanks to my amazing family, I'm rejuvenated and ready to plow forward with more packing and cleaning!!


  1. oh, sweeeeet relief!!

    I almost cried tears of joy for you -- that sounds like the best.

    moving is not for the faint of heart --- or people with small people. no. it is not.

  2. love that you have such a close-knit support system! soooo super jealous!!!!

  3. I am so happy you have reinforcements! That is the only way we are getting things done! Keep us posted and heres to another 1 showing sell! :))


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