Great Deal on Soy-Free Chocolate Mini Chips

Last week, I saw a post by Laura at where she showed a great deal on Enjoy Life Semi-Sweet Chocolate Mini Chips - 10 oz bags for just $3.33 each.  These chocolate chips are soy free!  (Why we don't eat soy products.)

The soy lecithin in chocolate chips is genetically modified and isn't something I used to avoid.  I mean come on - we don't eat chocolate chips in bulk every day, so what damage were they really doing???  However, over the course of this last year, I have made tiny baby steps in cleaning up our diet.  I DO use lots of chocolate chips in our baked goods (my two secret ingredients are always chocolate chips and vanilla extract).  Rather than continue to purchase the huge bag at Costco with lots of questionable ingredients, I decided to continue to make my own chocolate chips or purchase them on discount and eliminate the possible dangers of GMO products.

Missing the great deal on chocolate chips really bummed me out - until I saw this morning that the deal is still on!!!  Since this was my first purchase from, I was able to score 8 bags of chocolate mini chips for $3.01 each!  That is a steal when it comes to healthier chocolate chips which usually run from $4.50 - $5.80 a bag.

If you are interested in getting the same deal, head over to, add 8 bags of mini chips to your cart and enter in my referral code of QEV813 to receive $10 off your order of $30 or more.  You also qualify for free shipping.  (You can also get $5 off your first order if you want to purchase 7 bags instead!)

I have big plans for these chocolate chips!!
Giant Breakfast Cookies
*I get a small commission from your order if you use my referral code - so thank you in advance!!  

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  1. Oh ye temptress, with your tempting temptingness! I've never considered making my own chocolate chips because I never really thought about them having questionable ingredients. Darn. Now that I know....


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