"The Photo"

On Easter morning, while I took 2.5 seconds to get showered, dressed and make-up'd, I threw the kids on the couch and barked orders for Jason to get me "The Photo" of our three kids.  

"A" photo is very different than "The" photo.

Examples of "A" photo: Notice clothing is either pajamas or costumes (both are staples in this house).  Eyes may or may not be looking at the camera.  One, or all subjects, may be crying.

All of these photos are fantastic by my standards.  But none of them are "The Photo".  We need one we can blow up to proudest-parents-of-cutest-kids size!!  

Annnnnnnnnddddd....here are my options.....

(Elena skinned her nose and lip on the sidewalk the day previous.  But we didn't let that stop us!)

The next two tell the story of Roman's life:  Here, in the first photo, he looks at Elena, she looks at him and coo's his name ever so gently...

Then, just as she does every time, she cackles out a monstrous sized laugh right in his ear that scares the daylights out of him.  Every.  Single.  Time.

Okay - we did get a couple decent ones but neither are "The Photo"

THIS!  Ladies and Gentleman,


Let me know if you want a copy ;)


  1. hahaahahaahha. these are all priceless. I vote --- a collage.

    We went to visit Simon at work today and everyone had pics of their kids on their lockers ---- Simon had none -- I don't think I've ever printed a photo of Sebastian ---- or Julia.

    parent hell ---- where is it?

  2. Yes, a collage is a genius idea! But if that's not your style, that last one FOR SURE. Hours of endless hilarity in one 4x6 piece of paper.

  3. Photos at Easter and Christmas have become a tradition in our house. I used to be filled with homeschooler guilt because I didn't have the annual shots of the kids. I then got real and decided that before they can change out of the Christmas outfits that I spent months trying to locate/corordinate for 9 children and 2 parents that they owe me a good shot. We take several family/group shots at church (hopefully looking out best) and then individuals at home. i take about 20 of each kids really hoping that I can find at least one great one in the pile. Their favorite shot every time is the goffy shot if we remember to get it. Sometimes I am too frusterated at that point. Oh well, your kids are precious.

  4. I get horrible pics too. If I want a good one I would have to pay someone to do it. And even that is iffy.

  5. Those non-perfect pictures are the best anyways :)

  6. the last one is without question my fave. I would Christmas card that baby. No really, I would.

  7. I'd like 5....blown up :) LOVE IT - hey, it's real life and that's why I'm here, reading.


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