Life so far...

Today I let Jason hold Roman for a little while so I Castleville...and do important things like turn the water on to load the dishwasher, promptly get distracted, and forget why I turned the water on to begin with.

A few minutes after I surrendered defeat and gave up on the dishes (where is my memory?!?!), I came back to see Roman and had completely forgotten how cute he is!!!!


Okay - that is just a bad camera angle.  This one is a little more flattering!


I take entirely too many photos of all my children, but when you score awesome shots like this, it is so worth it!

Newborns are glorious.  I have a particularly easy newborn this time around so I am very lucky!  However, I also have the memory and experience of going through the newborn stage twice before.

Before you know it, they are jumping out of your arms to climb on the pew and kneeler at church.  Then they are chasing their siblings around and couldn't be bothered with snuggling mom or dad.  I milk this newborn stage.  It is near impossible for me to do anything else but play with the baby when they are awake!  

It's a good thing he sleeps a lot. 

Elena feels the same way about the newborn stage.  She spends all day loving on her baby brother :)


And when he is not kissing Roman's little head and cheeks, 

Leo takes his role as big brother seriously

I would say that Roman is having a darn good first couple weeks of life.  And I am hitting a decent stride with getting the necessities done while still laying low.

And I am very thankful for a wise neighbor who hit up the dollar store for gifts for Leo and Elena so I could eek out this blogpost in peace!


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