Ummm....I still can't believe...


I have been trying to figure out how to describe in words what it feels like to have 3 babies.  It's like Jason and I have split ourselves three different ways...and it is glorious!!  I much prefer when all three children are in close proximity to each other.  When they scatter through the house, or even the room, I get a little overwhelmed.  I'm not going to lie - 3 children is a little overwhelming!!!  We will adapt eventually, but it might be slow-going.

I have a very good understanding why many people stop at 2 or 3 kids.  But I'm only in the first few days of managing life with three children.  Knowing me, I'll have baby fever again in no time!!

And with pictures like this to look back on, I'll remember why we go through the pain and inconveniences of pregnancy :)

Here are some of the activities we have been enjoying with Roman

Introducing Roman to the Fist Bump


Fist Bump - Psssshhhhh!!!

Help get the baby dressed

Kick his chair and then announce, "Baby Roman is awake now!!"

...Sorry buddy...

But then we share our most coveted toys with him

And of course smother him in kisses!!

My biggest job so far is to keep these two away from him!!!

We think the general consensus around here is that we will keep him :)

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